Sewerage problems in Rotterdam?

We all use the sewer intensively. Sewerage is an important part of all our houses and a malfunction immediately causes a lot of inconvenience. Are you suffering from sewerage problems in the Rotterdam area? Don’t hesitate to call Folstra B.V.! Our experts deal with plumbing and sewerage on a daily basis and know how to fix problems like clogging or leakage. Our trucks are well-equipped with the most up-to-date tools for the inspection of sewerages and waterworks. Almost every problem will be fixed in no time! In and around Rotterdam we are standing by 24/7! We understand that you can’t stay without a sewerage system for too long. That’s why you can contact us day and night, 365 days a year.

Unclugging and cleaning sewer

To prevent trouble like leakage or clogging, it’s important to only use the sewer for one purpose: the drainage of wastewater. Make sure no large amounts of oil or grease reach the drain and use a sink strainer to prevent food getting stuck in the drain. But no matter how careful you are: a blockage is never completely preventable. Fortunately you can always count on our plumbers in Rotterdam to quickly fix a clogged drain or blocked sewer.