Plumber Rotterdam

There are many chores around the house for which you are perfectly capable. In other cases it makes more sense to have an expert help you out. Does your home suffer from a clogged toilet, burst pipes or outdated kitchen appliances? A plumber can help you out. Plumbers specialize in the installation and repair of pipes that are used to carry water, gas, sewage, and wastewater. Most plumbers also install central heating and a smaller group also practices roofing.

Do you live in or near Rotterdam? In the Rotterdam area, De Zwart Loodgieters BV is the plumbing company you can rely on. Our many years of experience have resulted in good quality handywork, an excellent service and fair pricing. Our plumbers work with specialized tools and are well acquainted with modern techniques. We’re able to fix all your plumbing problems!

24/7 emergency plumber

We understand that in some cases, immediate help is essential. Do you live in Rotterdam and are you looking for a plumber to fix a clogged drain, a broken heater, or a leaky faucet? We’ll do all we can to help! Our plumbers are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. So don’t hesitate to call our company, we’ll send instant help!