Maintenance service in Rotterdam

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on quality systems, each system needs some level of maintenance. Whether for heating, plumbing, sewage, roofing or kitchen equipment: maintenance ensures that the devices will be working effectively and will last longer.

Poorly maintained equipment quickly leads to problems like leakage, which of course you would like to avoid. Folstra B.V. is your expert in the maintenance field. In and around Rotterdam, maintenance is a big part of our daily tasks. It’s important for you to contact us as soon as you suspect any flaws! In many cases this will save you from a lot of misery, let alone the cost of an emergency repair! An early inspection will quickly reveal starting problems, which we’ll permanently fix.

Roof inspection

It’s hard to have a good look at your roof from the ground. This makes it hard to detect defects at an early stage. Do you suspect that something is wrong with your roof? Do you see loose roofing or do you notice a leak? In Rotterdam, our plumbers can help you fast. Through roof inspection, we’ll gain insight into the condition of your roof and we’ll tell you if repair is necessary. This way, you will avoid serious roof damage!